I am an aspiring linguist embarking on a year of uncertainty & dream-chasing. As a way to keep moving forward, I am blogging about linguistics & language. With the help of my collaborators (love you guys!), I hope to provide you with a regular stream of publications.

During my year off (let’s pray it’s only a year), I’m spending my time applying to graduate programs in linguistics, working full-time, assistant-teaching a Psychology of Language course at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, & working on writing a collaborative linguistics paper. You know, the usual things people in their early twenties love to do.

While a lot about language interests me, there are some things I find to be especially fascinating. I would say that I’m interested in sociolinguistics, but that’s really not descriptive enough. You’ll find in my writing that I focus on social variables & their interaction with society & culture. I also believe in using statistical analysis to take a more precise look at relationships when possible & sensible (though I don’t swear by it). I enjoy using corpus data, Twitter data, etc. because that’s real language in use & that’s what I wish to describe & understand. I also have adjacent interests in evolutionary theory, philosophy, & trends in popular culture that influence the direction I take in choosing my writing topics.

In addition to writing, I enjoy reading (surprise), learning everything, recovering from spinal surgery (the reason for taking a year off of school), deliciously nerdy discussions with equally nerdy friends, & drinking good beer. I do not enjoy bad music, watching television, or bad humor (I try to imagine that I’m funny).

Thank you for reading,

Megan L. Risdal


2 responses to “About

  1. Christina

    I’m curious if you have traveled much, and what you find interesting, linguistically, from that perspective.

  2. Welcome! Just found out about your blog thanks to Stan, and will be subscribing to the RSS feed. Good luck with grad school!

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