Happy Monday!

I know it’s been a stretch of time since I last posted something actually language-related, but I’m going to throw another non-linguistics mini-post your way. Sorry! But I guess I just want to say that I look forward to posting more in the following weeks. I had a six month contract working for an insurance company that ended last Friday and it’s going to be another month before they are able to hire me back for a permanent position (if all goes as planned). In the meantime I’ll be able to focus on my research project, writing, personal development, and spending quality time with my significant other and friends. So in the end, I think it’s a good thing to take a month off.

Hopefully I will also be hearing more definitive news from graduate programs I’ve applied to. Can’t wait to find out where I’ll end up and start planning my life! Once I know where I’ll be living I intend to register for a 10k. It was my goal to do one within a year of my surgery (I’m almost 9mo post-op now), but I’m too paranoid about falling to run when there’s snow and ice everywhere.

Anyway, I’ve already got some ideas for blog posts, so it shouldn’t be long before I make time to write those up. Thanks for waiting. 🙂



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