Life Updates

So I haven’t posted anything in a while, so I thought I’d check in quick. I left the charger for my laptop at my parents’ house in Minnesota & I now live in Wisconsin, so I’ve been without laptop for a few days. This has significantly reduced my productivity. We should be back in business by Wednesday, though, when I receive the charger in the mail. I have several additional projects that are occupying my time as well. First, I’m working on my applications for grad school so that I can someday fulfill my dream of becoming a professional linguist & not just some amateur blogger. I’m also TAing for a psychology of language class at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire which entails figuring the reading schedule (including finding primary articles for students), writing reading guides (quizzes, really) for each article, & a bit of grading here & there. I have a lot of respect for professors who can juggle all of this in several classes & manage a research lab & whatever else they take on! But it does make me excited to teach someday myself. Next I’m working on a paper on linguistic receptivity with my former (& unofficially current, if you think about it) research advisor, Erica. That’s still in its beginning stages, but we’re getting into full swing here, soon. Finally, I started my full-time job this morning at 6am which is going to seriously screw with my easily-triggered insomnia. Fortunately it’s just a data entry job so I can sort of zone out listening to music or books on tape. In other news, I just had my final post-op appointment with my surgeon last week & everything checks out. I don’t need to go in again for 5 years! (For those who didn’t know, I just had spine surgery earlier this summer.)

Anyway, that’s all I have today. I just wanted to let my readers know that I’m still alive & plan on writing — I’ve just been sans computer for a while & have lots of other things busying me. I suppose this entry also adds a bit of humanity behind the entries I write, which might be boring. I don’t know. But do not worry! I do have some ideas for upcoming blogs so you’ll see those soon! 🙂



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