Quotables & Linkables

Sometimes great quotes don’t fit the 140 character limit of Twitter, so I’ve compiled a list for you here, friends. Find also links to some articles on language that I enjoyed reading.

If native speakers of a language — including many people who obviously read and write just fine — need schooling to learn a feature of their native grammar, that feature of the grammar is on artificial life support.

Preach on, Mike of Mike’s Web Log. This is a reference to “moribund whom.”

Matching Brain Activity to Words & Thoughts

Using fMRIs, scientists show activity in the brain associated with words/thoughts & which words/thoughts share associated brain activity. Pretty cool!

Falser Words were Never Spoken

An article that questions what it means when we tweak the wording of quotes to make them more digestible, or in other words, more suitable for a bumper sticker. Is the message the same?

What Chatbots Talk about When Humans Aren’t Around

This is kind of fun. It’s two chat robots having a conversation together. One figures out that they other is a robot, then claims to be a unicorn himself. Then they discuss the existence of God.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Hopefully I can finish moving into my new apartment in Eau Claire, Wisconsin this weekend so that I can get more blog posts for you readers! 🙂

Megan L. Risdal


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