First Order of Business: Introductions

Hello fellow linguistics enthusiasts!

This is the first official post for my blog, but hopefully it will be nothing like what follows it. This blog will consist of my musings on language, linguistics, & related topics (I may let my other interests, like psychology, shine through every so often). Unsurprisingly, this concept finds its provenance in Language Log; however, I make no claims to be as compelling as either Mark Liberman, Geoffrey Pullum, or their contributing authors. I am but a lowly amateur linguist aspiring to make it big.

In addition to the things that I have to say, I have also invited friends to offer their contributions so you’ll find those here, too. I hope to generate a lot of enthusiasm & receive a lot of contributing posts (and lively discussion!) as this blog develops. Finally, it is my ultimate wish that university students of linguistics might find this blog inspiration enough to perhaps send some thoughts my way, too. Essentially, I’d like for this blog to serve as a safe place for wild ideas about linguistics, language, & society to take flight.

Thanks for reading, friends.

Megan Risdal


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